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Back Catalogue

please note: the sound files below are encoded as M4A files. we suggest you upgrade to iTunes or Winamp 5.02 to play them (or change the file extention to MP4 after downloading to allow Quicktime or other music apps to read them.)

SS013 — Hacksaw — "self-titled" CD

01   kiss the ground
02   l'arme fatale
03   dirty clothes
04   on the road to crime
05   got paid
06   welcome to deseronto
07   kick it
08   lied to myself
09   without living
10   a million times

SS012 — Kepler— "this heart is painted on" CDEP

01   a silent valediction
02   sunday, may 27
03   geriatric vows
04   the inhuman
05   darling you are framed
      in dust
06   (untitled)

SS011 — endgame— "here is where tomorrow starts" CD

01   champion
02   limits in requirements
03   new #2
04   market conditioning
05   summer's away
06   crescent
07   two more days
08   undone

SS010 — Kepler— "self-titled" 7

A1   between still sheets
B1   can you steer by mars?

SS9.5 — Sparkmarker— "products & accessories" CD

01   levi's deklein
02   sleeping with the t.v. on
03   memorenda
04   character 1
05   speaking of heroes
06   instrumental
07   so long
08   the way she moves
09   kansas
10   tamarack
11   pull the carpet
12   send me symmetry
13   pinching

SS009 — Three Penny Opera— "...countless trips from here to there" CD/LP

01   sending signals
02   sweetness kills
03   song no. 3
04   song no. 3.5
05   40 hours
06   sticks and blades
07   song 5.5
08   the art of self defence
09   antenna
10   last minute solution
11   reusing waste systems

SS8.5 — Beautifuzz— "self-titled" LP

A1   shortwave hello
A2   beautifool
A3   do the glue
A4   gogo shitkickers
A5   4 bucks in nyc
B1   ducks
B2   edit bunker
B3   band in a can/
     body rap
B4   dishos
B5   amanaplan
B6   soundcheck #1

SS008 — Three Penny Opera— "2GTEG25H2G4503344" 7"

A1   kids new gang
A2   1000 miles
B1   separate directions
B2   observation

SS007 — Blake— "self-titled" 7"

A1   lamplight
A2   gotterdammerung
B1   fortune
B2   divination sequence

SS006 — Seppuku— "the awesome houses of earth's innocents" CD

01   credo: 3 tombes - heart
02   credo: 3 tombes - sun
03   credo: 3 tombes - prayer
04   what a cast iron
      spoon is good for
05   water glass philum
06   severin
07   in the heart of the heart of
08   nil by mouth
09   dav opre
10   cradles
11   elegy #10

SS004 — Franklin— "building in A and E" CD/LP

01   [#1]
02   deejay goes down
03   yr lucky fortune
04   lord it's hard to be
      when your skin
      is on fire
05   herodotus
06   asshole machine
07   [#7]

SS003 — 30 Second Motion Picture— "can't kill time" LP

A1   the hundred hands
A2   fricative
A3   recovery analysis
B1   no questions, no answers
B2   input to receiver
B3   to change a mind

SS002 — Goodbye Blue Monday/Across Five Aprils— split 7"

A1   summer nights again
A2   the work of fools
A3   untitled
B1   the old man and
     the reincarnation
B2   fire danger high

SS001 — Okara— "months like years" LP

A1   save the last dance for me
A2   corona
A3   june fourteenth
A4   new light at danbury's
B1   halo of flies
B2   bedwetter
B3   red tide
B4   repercussions
B5   untitled

more to come...

all of the above releases are available direct from us, some items are available at Vertigo Records in Ottawa (in store shopping only)