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The Grey

SS015"open credit" CD

01   start on the beat
02   last chance at an old dance
03   cameras and actions
04   good life
05   the slip
06   caught on tape
07   the breathing point
08   movers and sellers
09   slow motion scenery
10   the switch is on
11   news to you

     Powerful and melodic rock quartet that periodically takes the odd experimental tangent. Formed in the spring of 2003, it allowed the members of previous bands such as Shotmaker, Three Penny Opera, Buried Inside (currently still together), and other various side projects to form a new musical unit.
     Matt, Hayden, and Chuck had crossed paths before in Three Penny Opera, and had known Steve for quite a while. Sporadic practices amongst old friends in a sweltering Ottawa attic soon turned into a weekly ritual. The jam sessions quickly began to churn out a hybrid of punk rock and quirky experimental parts that sparked the enthusiasm of everyone involved and the Grey was born.
     All having been in bands before, some in the same bands, it didn't take long to decide that the Grey was a project to be taken seriously and result in playing as many live shows as possible and recording rapidly.
     The end of August 2003 was spent in Mississauga recording for their debut album Open Credit. For Matt, this was a 10 year full-circle returning to Rumenal Studios with Mike Pedro, where they put the Shotmaker 7" to tape in 1993. The fire is still there, honed with 10 years of experience on both sides.
     The Grey has played extensively already in Ontario and Quebec and plans to tour North America and Europe in the near future.
     One ex-member of Shotmaker.

The Grey’s CD is available locally at CD Exchange, Organised Sound, Record Runner, Vertigo Music and CD Warehouse in the burbs.
Available online through tunevault.com

CANADA/USA/WORLD - Spectrasonic

July 15.04 Ottawa - Barrymores (Top of the World video premiere)
July 19.04 Thunder Bay - The Apollo
July 20.04 Winnipeg - House Show @114 Spence Street
July 21.04 Regina - The State
July 22.04 Calgary - Broken City
July 23.04 Edmonton - Seedy's
July 25.04 Vancouver - The Brickyard
July 26.04 Victoria - Lucky Bar
July 28.04 Minneapolis - Triple Rock Social Club
July 29.04 Chicago - Fireside Bowl
July 30.04 Toronto - tba
July 31.04 Simcoe - tba